Llumar Window Tint

LLumar Neutral

The LLumar Neutral films add light and heat protection without changing the color of the window too much. It is available in seven shades:

Product Image VLT Heat Rejected Light Reflected UV Rejected
N-1020 SR CDF (Neutral) Medium Dark 24% 63% 26% 99%
N-1040 SR CDF (Neutral)
Medium Light 40% 50% 16% 99%
N-1050 SR CDF (Neutral) Light 49% 42% 13% 99%
N-1065 SR CDF (Neutral) Very Light 67% 29% 09% 99%
N-1020B SR CDF (Bronze) Bronze Dark 20% 77% 49% 99%
N-1035B SR CDF (Bronze) Bronze Medium 37% 64% 37% 99%
N-1050B SR CDF (Bronze) Bronze Light 55% 46% 21% 99%

This film is NOT available for retail sale. You can request this film from a professional installer or choose any of our recommended DIY products to the right. They have been selected to be very similar to this product but available for sale to the public.