3M Window Tint

3M FX Premium

The 3M FX Premium line is a non-metallized film available at an economical price. It will never fade or interfere with radio or GPS. Because of the darker shades, they reject heat and light excellently. Available in six shades:

Product Image VLT Heat Rejected Light Reflected UV Rejected
FX Premium 05 Very Dark 06% 45% 05% 99%
FX Premium 15 Dark 17% 43% 05% 99%
FX Premium 25 Medium Dark 26% 41% 05% 99%
FX Premium 30 Medium Light 35% 38% 05% 99%
FX Premium 35 Medium Light 41% 37% 06% 99%
FX Premium 55 Light 58% 32% 07% 99%

This film is NOT available for retail sale. You can request this film from a professional installer or choose any of our recommended DIY products to the right. They have been selected to be very similar to this product but available for sale to the public.